Four Years in Ankara

I arrived to Ankara in 2009, full of ambitions and expectations and I’ve been here since then. Once more I am leaving one country to go to another, again I’m full of ambitions and expectations, all that has changed is that I am going back to my hometown Tbilisi.

What I’ve Seen?

During four years full of emotions, experience and unexpectedness as well, I have seen nationalists, fundamentalist communities, liberal open-minded people, government officials, marvelous landmarks, undeveloped educational system, developed tourism, etc.

I can only conclude that Turkey is no different from all other countries on daily life level. But there’s no doubt that Turkey has geographical significance and economical influence.

In 2009 I arrived to economically stable country, where on the general level people were free to express their ideas and lifestyle. In 2013 I am leaving economically not very stable country (at least in international trade after Gezi Park protests), where government is suppressing and neglecting the will of the society.

In this four years I’ve visited Pamukkale, Amasra, Istanbul, Ankara. I’ve seen significant historical and architectural landmarks. I’ve tasted delicious food and desserts like baklava, misket kofte, kumpir, kebab, manti, iskender, sutlac, kunefe, etc.

I have seen ran-down buildings in some parts of Ankara, as well as unnoticed by majority places that are really worth seeing and discovering.

What I’ve Learnt?

I’ve learnt Turkish language. I’ve learnt that people despite their religious beliefs and traditions can adopt culture that is very different from theirs. I’ve learn, well, whatever they taught me in university for four years. I’ve learnt that undeveloped or commercially oriented educational system damages the cognitive ability of individuals. I’ve learnt that culturally diverse environment can nourish artistic talents.

What Do I Plan?

I plan to get MBA degree. I plan to focus on art. I plan to bring my entrepreneurial thoughts to life. I plan to volunteer for EVS soon. I plan to hitchhike the whole turkey once. I plan to keep in touch with my beloved friends.

I plan to live the life to the full and help others do the same.

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ – Mahatma Gandhi


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